nat-urally passionate

While other kids were hooked on Phonics, I was hooked on magazines. Seduced, inspired by and obsessed with advertising from a young age, it’s only apt I ended up using my passion to turn a paycheck. However like most of my comrades, the road here wasn’t linear - even though it totally shoulda been. I grew up watching Angela Bower and then Amanda Woodward run ad agencies. Growing up pre-Pinterest, my bedroom walls were a collage of Calvin Klein ads, Guess Girls, grace Coddington Vogue Spreads  Benetton Guess Ads. I did book reports on Warhol and instead of the Group of Seven. And while some may cite this as superficial, I equate it to aspiration. Being motivated and inspired by something enough that I make it part of my life in some capacity. I guess this is why when it came to a career, I chose to do this. It’s what I’ve always loved and will always love. A passion that I’m damn lucky comes with a paycheck.