A driver without a license

I’m a loud talker

A driver without a license.

A writer with sketchbook

I think in words

I wake up in my dreams

Mediocrity is not part of my vocabulary

My strengths are my weakness

I might be small

But I pack a mean punch.

I say what I mean

I mean what I say

I try to be nice

But I’m always honest.

Pretty just isn’t enough

I love fashion

I hate fads

Black is my default

Pink is my decoy.

I tell it like it is

If you can’t handle the truth

Don’t come to me.

I’m a victim of desire

I’ll take talk over twitter.

Hate testing

My mind is ahead

My technology is behind

I’m a slave to my inspiration.

My favourite book is a magazine.

I cook ideas not food.

I thought a pony was a baby horse

I step up to the plate

And swing like a motherfucker.