For copy that doesn’t.


An off-road thinker & intelligent risk taker, as a communication specialist, Natalie starts strategic & ends creative. With 13+ years of integrated agency and freelance experience, her capacity to attack from unexpected angles has been known to leave clients, peers, audiences, & critics saying; "Huh! We never thought of it that way.” 


Loyal, passionate and full of creative prowess, Natalie’s a team player with an attitude determines altitude ethos. She believes insight driven innovation, ideas that add value to people’s lives and has an intrinsic desire to work with awesomely authentic people in an above status quo place.


2000~04 | OCAD UNIVERSITY | Advertising Program |  Bachelor of Design

1982-Now | The Streets - Everything I know about life I learned on them. If you're lucky enough to be blessed with two functioning feet, lay the groundwork with 'em. At least that's what I think~


2015~16 | Freelance Creative | Skills: Communication Specialist, Branding, 360 Content Development | Brands - TD Canada Trust, Junos, LCBO, Fresh.Co, General Mills, McCormick, Batiste Hair, Indeed Laboratories | Cachet Ladies | Elle Elle Magazine

2009~15 | Senior Writer, McCann Toronto Brands: General Motors - Chevrolet, Cadillac, Buick, GMC, Coke, MasterCard, Lotto Max, Wind Mobile, XBOX, H&M, Bluenoses Jeans, Indie88, Marlin Travel,Carrera, Canada's Next Top Ad Exec

2007~09 | Writer, McCann VancouverBrands: Chevrolet. GMC, Canuck’s Place Children’s Hospice, Goodwrench, New Balance, Sandhill, Peller Estates Wine

2005~07 | Writer, Pineapple Group, Vancouver | Brands: Rogers, The Vancouver Recital Society, Tourism Vancouver, Sprott Shaw Community College, CDI Continuining Education, RisQ Management Software, Origin Home Financial

2005 | Writing Intern, Grey VancouverBrands: Starbucks,

2004~06 | Co-Creator & Owner, | Role: Planning, branding, marketing, design, manufacturing, sales, account management, XM launch & sustain


Graphis Advertising – Lotto Max

Advertising & Design Club of Canada – Angel Painting Logo

Communication Arts | Design Annual – Angel Painting Logo

National Advertising Awards – Crystal Light

Communication Arts | Typography Annual – Andrew Murray Roofing

Communication Arts | Design Annual – Andrew Murray Roofing

D&AD – Andrew Murray Roofing

Applied Arts | Design Annual – Applied Arts, The Unlucky Issue

Applied Arts | Photography Annual – The Unlucky Issue

Graphis Photography – The Unlucky Issue

Creativity International – Andrew Murray Roofing

Creativity International Applied Arts Cover

Creativity International – Applied Arts - The Unlucky Series

Creativity International – Jackie Jacobs Logo

Marketing Awards - Precision Laser Tattoo Removal

National Advertising Awards – Ziploc Freezer Bags

Applied Arts | Advertising Annual – Cruze Billboard Bags

Applied Arts | Advertising Annual - Microsoft Xbox, Alan Wake

Applied Arts | Illustration Annual – GMC, Rangeland Derby

Marketing Magazine - Microsoft Xbox, Alan Wake

Coupe Magazine - Microsoft Xbox, Alan Wake

Graphis Advertising - Precision Laser Tattoo Removal

Ads of The World | Selection of the Month - Microsoft Xbox, Alan Wake

Digital Marketing Award – Chevrolet Cruze

One ShowMasterCard, Darkness

FWA | Site of the Day - Chevrolet Cruze

Graphis Advertising – Canadian Cancer Society, Driven to Quit

National Advertising Awards – Mr. Christie, Peanuts

National Advertising Awards – Campbell’s, Recipe Flipbook

Advertising Club of Canada – Portfolio Night In Canada

High School English Awards - 4 years running!



Chevrolet | Cadillac | Buick | GMC Trucks | Ford Motor Company


Coke | Diet Coke | LCBO | Cadbury | Dentyne | Fresh Co. | General Mills | Thai Kitchen | Peller Estates | Starbucks | Sandhill Wines | Creemore Springs | Ethical Bean


H&M | Bluenotes | Mark’s | Carrera | World MasterCard Fashion Week

Beauty & Skincare

Indeed Laboratories | Batiste | Bic Soleil | Precision Laser | Fading Fast Tattoo Removal

Arts & Entertainment

XBOX | Indie 88 | Vancouver Recital Society | Calgary Stampede | The Junos | Cachet Ladies

Global Stage Event

Olympics | PanAm Games  | Calgary Stampede | Toronto AutoShow


MasterCard | TD | QuIC - Risk Management Software | Origin Home Financing


Rogers | Wind Mobile | Verizon  

Travel & Tourism

Marlin Travel | Tourism Vancouver  


Elle Elle Magazine | Applied Arts


Canadian Cancer Society | United Way | Stella Quilt Project | Canuck's Place Children Hospice | Canadian Marketing Week


Indie 88 Radio

Bluenotes Jeans

Chevrolet Cruze & Sonic

Mark’s Lifestyle Apparel

Lotto Max

Wind Mobile

Thai Kitchen

Andrew Murray Roofing Co.

Angel Painting Co.

Indeed Laboratories

MacLaren Cultura

Bootycall Underwear Co.

Abandon Shoes


H&M, H&M Home - Calgary & Edmonton Launch

Cadillac - Dare Greatly

Chevrolet - PanAm Games

General Mills - Lucky Charms

GMC - Calgary Stampede

MasterCard - Priceless Costco Activation

TD - Branch Re-Launch/Junos


ADCC Portfolio Night in Canada ~ Portfolio Reviewer

Canadian Marketing Week ~ Guest Speaker

Canadian Marketing Awards ~ Judge

Canada's Next Top Ad Exec ~ Judge & Panel Guest, York University

OCAD Thesis ~ Judging Panel for Grad Students

Applied Arts ~ Advertising Annual, Guest Editor

National Homeless Initiative - Finder, Chief Walking Officer & Mission Driver to get the whole world on their feet. 


Abandon Shoes | Role: Creator, Finder, Photographer, Writer, 360 Content & Digital Designer

~ An initiative to raise global awareness for the rising homeless population, Abandon Shoes is proud to be called '"home" by the world's first, largest, most-eclectic, ever-growing collection of lost soles. What began simply as a 'pet-project' will now be referred to as the feet of all feats. 

The Walking Society | Role: Creator, Chief Walking Officer

~ A non-profiting global movement get the entire world on their feet. Godspeed. 

Bootycall Underwear Co. | Role: Co-Creator, Branding, Marketing, Digital Design, Packaging, XM Launch & Sustain + Manufacturing, Sales, & Account Management.

~ A fun and frivolous line of boy shorts for gals that encouraged them to enjoy the spoils & comfort of boy’s briefs with the femininity of a lace trimmed backside.

Subscription - For Girls With Issues | Role: Creator, Narrator

- One may call it a lazy woman’s book club but I prefer to refer to it as a magazine club for girls obsessed with the gloss. Together, we meet and discourse the editorial leading to a contemporary conversation and narrative centred around & inspired by the zeitgeist.

We The She | Role: Creator, Discourser

~A self-sustaining discourse empowering the we-men of the world to stand-up, speak-up & be heard. Together we stand, divided we fall.