MARK'S | Clothes for living


MARK'S | :30 Second Re-Launch Spot

The :60 launch spot needed to showcase a breadth of casual clothing. As the writer, I wanted to ensure the tone felt honest. Because while fashion trends may come and go, one thing is for certain; Comfort is always in style and confidence is the ultimate dress code.

MARK'S | :15 Second Spots

Along with the launch spot, we created a series of fifteen-second spots that revealed how a specific product innovation empowered people’s everyday living. I like to think of it as Louis Sullivan’s modernist design theory that form follows function – but applied to clothing.  

Art-direction: Arron Isaac | Director: Yael Staav | Music: Pirate Radio

This radio spot was created to let the ladies know Mark's now had a lot more in-store for them than hard-hats and work-boots.

Writer: Natalie Greenspan | Sound Production: TA2 Radio & Sound Design